HackTheBox: invite challenge tips

My time in the Offensive Security lab for the PWK course has expired, but I need some more practice.

I decided to hit HackTheBox.eu for some extra fun.

If you’re also trying to do so, but you’re stuck with the invite challenge, here are some very general tips that you might find useful.

  1. Everything you need is in the invite page. Don’t waste your time looking somewhere else.
  2. You don’t need any special tool, no attack proxies, no scanners, nothing. I did it using the latest version of firefox and curl.
  3. You will need to do some simple decoding. Use Google and you’ll find the right decoders.

And just to make it clear: there’s no vulnerability to exploit. Do the right things, and you will get an activation code.

Please note: this is true as of June 2019, but there’s no warranty that it will always work like this.